Melbourne Tool Company Kit of Nine Planes and Tools

Price: $1,270.00 - $2,020.00

If you want to work with wood, then you need a good set of tools, and there’s no better way to get started than with the Melbourne Tool Company Kit of Nine MTC Planes & Tools. Featuring the complete kit of Melbourne Tool offerings, this kit has got you covered for all the fundamental tools to work wood by hand.

Working with hand tools is one of the great pleasures of woodworking. And to do this well, you need good tools. Melbourne Tool Company offers tools that are genuine, accurate and accessible, tools designed for the woodworker in you. Welcome to the MTC family.

The MTC Complete Plane Kit

The MTC Complete Plane Kit provides you with all the fundamental hand planes you need to get started with in woodworking.

Features & Benefits

An uncomplicated set of planes

These planes are uncomplicated tools. Their minimalistic designs make it easy to disassemble for maintenance and reassemble for work. The adjustment knobs are accessible and feature a very smooth action. Adjust each planes blades depth of cut and skew easily and securely. Spend more time planing, less time adjusting.

M2 High Speed Steel blades

MTC has chosen M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) for the blades. M2 HSS has high abrasion resistance which means it will hold a sharp edge much longer than many other steels. This also means that it may take a little longer to bring up an edge. Don’t worry, you will be leaving your sharpening gear on the shelf for a lot longer too. MTC plane blades are also thicker than the average plane, this eliminates vibration is the cut, ensuring a smooth uniform finish.

Easy adjust features

All these planes feature easily adjustable features. Twist the front handle to release the toe. Use the mouth adjustment lever to set the mouth width opening to suit the work at hand. Close the mouth up tight to minimise tear out when working difficult figured materials. Open wide when working more predictable materials and make shavings fast without clogging.

Included tools:

  • MTC-49407 - Low Angle Block Plane
  • MTC-49414 - Low Angle Smoothing Plane
  • MTC-49421 - Low Angle Jack Plane
  • MTC-49438 - Low Angle Jointing Plane
  • MTC-10674 - Small Router Plane
  • MTC-11084 - Large Router Plane
  • MTC-10643 - Flat Sole Spokeshave
  • MTC-10650 - Round Sole Spokeshave
  • MTC-11428 - Cabinet Scraper